Hello all,

Right now I'm having a rather weird problem. Ktorrent3 will not start. I am currently using KDE 4.2 and openSuSE 11.1. I did not install anything or update in between a working session and one in which Ktorrent would not start. When I try to run it from krunner two things happen, either ktorrent appears in the panel (but not the systray) and I get a pop-up dialog about a download directory not existing if my external HD isn't mounted (oddly it doesn't auto-mount anymore and I have to do it by hand from the command line...) or if I mount the HD first, nothing happens. I see the bouncing icon next to the mouse pointer, hear my hard drive working, then nothing, and it doesn't stay in the processes. Similarly if I try to start Ktorrent from the command line, it tries to do something (there is a pause and I hear my HD working) but then returns to the prompt without any output. I haven't seen anything like this described anywhere else. I currently have ktorrent 3.x from Factory and have tried reinstalling and downgrading to either the Packman or repo-oss packages with no luck. Anyone else seen anything like this?