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    Default Skype Microphone

    I have notice that lot of people have had problem with getting the mic going on Skype. I installed it without any problem, just must click the capture on in the kmix, and that is all!
    as well in the configuration make sure that the following are clicked
    MIC MIC boost MIC in mode and that is it, if needed I can post a screen capture!

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    Default Skype sound and video configuration

    OpenSuse 11.1+Skype

    1. Download Skype: Download Skype for Linux
    2. Skype sound (check)configuration:
    Open-Computer-Yast-Hardware-Sound-Configure your sound card as a number 0
    3. Skype video settings:
    OpenSUSE 11.1 + Skype + Logitech Quickcam
    Nozzie's World: openSUSE 11.1 + Skype + Logitech Quickcam
    Terminal command:-su-root password and:
    # zypper in libv4l
    (libv4l Library aus dem Packman Repo)

    Elmo Tiisvald

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    Default Re: Skype Microphone

    The version for openSUSE doesn't want to install due to prerequisites missing.

    I'm new to this distro - don't the prerequisites get installed automatically ?

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