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Thread: equivalent of windows printer manager ?

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    Default equivalent of windows printer manager ?

    Hi folks,

    I have some trouble with the Konica Minolta C350 that I use through network at my working place.
    I finally managed to install it, by putting "by hand" old files found on the konica_Minolta site at the required place and using the cups http://localhost:631 interface to configure the queue (the KDE mechanism was always resetting when I wanted to add that printer through ipp).
    Sometimes my documents print OK, some times not.

    I would like to now whether there is in OpenSuse 11.1 x86-64 (kde 4.2) something like the print job manager of windows that would allow me to get the error diagnostic, stop the queue, restart the queue, etc... (the kde4-printer-applet does not seem to be able to stop/restart the queue).

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    The module is kdeprint KDEPrint Homepage - KDEPrint Printing System
    But it hasn't been ported to kde4 yet but you should be able to use the kde3 version
    Though i haven't tried it

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I tried to find kdeprint in Yast and in the opensuse build service for 11.1 before but got no answer. Furthermore, when I try kdeprint in kicker I get only Kdeprint/fax which does not seem to be what I need.
    So the web site is a good starting point for me.
    I could find 3 interesting scripts in the download section of the KDEprint site.
    However, considering the dates (2002...) given for the news, I'd rather stick to the cups http://localhost:631 interface for the moment, until I see a kde4.x version of the full kdeprint.

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