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Thread: kde 4.2 google gadget

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    falcon119 NNTP User

    Default kde 4.2 google gadget

    I'm on openSUSE 11.1 x86_64 running KDE 4.2 from the Unstable repo (had
    same issue under x86 also; but had other performance issues leading to a
    x86_64 install). I add the photos widget from Google and get the widget
    with a black screen. In my .xsession-errors file I get:

    > kwin: X Error (error: <unknown>[DAMAGE+0], request:
    > XDamageDestroy[DAMAGE+2], resource: 0x181f156)
    > Not a regular file: /
    > Register default_framework extension.
    > Register qtwebkit_browser_element extension, using name "_browser".
    > Register qt_system_framework extension.
    > Register qt_edit_element extension.
    > Register gst_audio_framework extension.
    > Register gst_video_element extension.
    > Register linux_system_framework extension.
    > Register dbus_script_class extension.
    > No permissions to access D-Bus.
    > slide_shower.js:355: add new feed 'nature - Google Image Search'
    > (
    > fetchs.js:364: fetch http feed
    > url=
    > fetchs.js:365: No permission to access network.
    > fetchs.js:365: ReferenceError: Failed to construct native object of
    > class XMLHttpRequest
    > main.js:161: TypeError: kSlideShower is undefined

    However, if I launch *ggl-qt* and then add the photos widget it works
    fine. The same also happens with the rss reader widget (fails when
    adding via -Add Widgets- but works fine from *ggl-qt*. Also, -first-
    launching *ggl-qt* and -then- adding the widget via -Add Widgets- does
    not resolve the issue either.

    Now, is this by design (I must first launch *ggl-qt* before any Google
    gadget can access the network) OR is there a buried setting I need to
    change? If it's by design, what is the point of having Google gadgets
    show up in -Add Widgets-.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    douglascaixeta NNTP User

    Default Re: kde 4.2 google gadget


    How do you run your Google Gadgets?
    I also have a similar problem with the widgets. I have always to run it
    like sudo, otherwise I can't see all the widgets.

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    falcon119 NNTP User

    Default Re: kde 4.2 google gadget

    I created a symlink to the google gadget app in my KDE4 Autostart
    directory (ran this in a terminal [only works if KDE4] *ln -s
    /usr/bin/ggl-qt ~/.kde4/Autostart/*). Some google gadgets work fine
    while others seem to fail miserably (the games I've tried so far fail).
    And since the gadgets also only run on 1 virtual display, they're pretty
    much useless to me.

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