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Thread: gnome-gmail-notifier - postponing startup

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    Default gnome-gmail-notifier - postponing startup

    I installed gnome-gmail-notifier and set it to start automatically. However, as it takes a few seconds for the wireless connection on my laptop to start, the notifier reports an error (no connection) and seems to stay like this. When I restart it after there is connection it's ok. So the question is, is it possible to postpone it's startup (or any other app for that matter) or make it start when network manager has connected?


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    Default Re: gnome-gmail-notifier - postponing startup

    Ok, here's the simple script that will do it:

    while true; do
    	NETWORK_STATUS=`nm-tool|grep State|cut -f2 -d' '`;
    	case $NETWORK_STATUS in
    		sleep 1
    Save, set executable permissions and add to start-up programs instead of gnome-gmail-notifier.


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