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    hello everybody,

    I'm running a 11.1 x86_64 and installed the boinc packages out of the box. Very naive I tried the boinc_manager and it did open alright, but it seems it is not connected to the client. The client is running as I checked in yast.

    After searching in internet and trying out some advices for some hours without any positive result, I ask, please, could someone give me a simple step by step for noobs how to get boinc running?

    Every help gladly accepted, regards


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    It really, really, REALLY annoys me that it is so hard to get boinc running. This worked for me. I hope it works for you.

    While it seems logical that you want to run boinc_manager, you don't. What you have to run is run_manager. This connects to your localhost and will show you current projects and running tasks. You can do this a number of ways. In Dolphin, you can navigate to the right directory and click on run_manager. If you close dolphin, you will close boinc. I KNOW, it shouldn't happen, but it does. In a terminal, you can migrate to the right directory and type ./run_manager but once again you have to leave the terminal open. No suffix I ever tried allowed me to close the terminal without closing boinc. The second best way is to type Alt-F2 and in the run dialog, use the full path to the file, like:

    sh /home/prexy/BOINC/run_manager

    If you are using KDE4.2, look for the BOINC icon in your menu. Right-click it and send it to the desktop. This should give you a BOINC icon with the text boinc-gui underneath it. You have to right-click on this and change some settings. As it is, it wants to start boincmgr. After you right-click on the icon, click on the Application tab. Change the application from boinc_manager to the full path to run_manager. The desktop icon will now work. However, it will change the icon.

    I like the transparency/translucency aspect of my desktop. When you make the change I described, it is going to change the icon to one in the BOINC directory that is on a field of white. Right-clicking that icon on the desktop and then clicking on the icon in the dialog that opens will allow you to search for the boinc-gui icon that is transparent.

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