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Thread: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

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    Default Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    ...simply because it's really irritating. Sound randomly cuts out for no apparent reason and i have to keep resetting it. anyone know what might do that? Runnin 10.3

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    You probably gave these details in your other post, but either link to that, or give them again:

    1. You've already said you're running 10.3. 32 or 64-bit?

    2. Which sound card is it?

    3. Which desktop environment (KDE, Gnome, etc.)?

    That'll be a start.

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    Thanks for the reply. Indeed, I suppose more specifics would be nice. Just thought someone might have a quick idea right away.

    10.3 32-bit

    VIA Tech onboard AC97 audio with VT8233 driver. Already tried a new card quite a while back but don't remember which one; it didn't change anything.

    KDE 3.5

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    As well as answers to the questions requested by smpoole7, the next time your sound system fails, have a look at system messages (if any) with:

    dmesg | tail

    Does the mixer die when you lose sound?

    If you can, please supply more info concerning desktop sound system being used? Some users have has serious problems with PulseAudio for example.

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    Sound just "died" again as I write this and the dmesg | fail does not list it. Ok it goes out with a slurp noise and then changes to a mid-pitch buzzing sound until I reset it. Does that help?

    Kmix does not die until I reset the sound... since doing so quits all sound applications.

    Well, umm, hardware or software? I run xine and VLC for videos with Logitech Z4's, web videos and occasionally kmix but don't usually need it.

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    so anyone know the solution here? i've given all the info i know.

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    I do not think I can help. Random problems are always hard to sort.

    Did this happen in another OS ? (ie in Windows) ? Are you certain this is not hardware.

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    OK, this may seem strange, but i did have problems on one of my systems doing the same thing, it is not the hardware, but the codecs used in vlc are very unreliable, i solved the problem by uninstalling vlc and loading kaffiene you can get all the codecs from the packman repositories,you will need win32codecall,dvdcss,and there is one other be sure to install the latest update for kaffiene i had no luck with vlc you might want to try this. let me know if it works.

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    Deano suggested dmesg | tail

    You typed dmesg | fail, at least here. I presume that isn't what you put in the console...

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    Default Re: Very odd sound issue, reposting...

    To Confuseling: I did type dmesg | tail after "fail" was invalid. Tail didn't give me anything useful... but it doesn't seem to matter now. Read on

    To OldCPU: Appreciate your reply, I believe we've chatted before about audio static (below). XP rarely has problems of any kind (if only because I've more-or-less mastered it and, you might say, got bored and switched to Linux).

    To TKS: Ok I do admit I was having more sound trouble before with static in vlc until OldCPU said vlc is bad with static and to cut the volume down. That worked fine. Hmmm... interesting... did not realize vlc was THIS bad with audio (video has been pretty much perfect). Wonder why videolan hasn't addressed this problem yet, or have they? So yea, your solution seems to be right at least for now.

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