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Thread: Package-cleanup/orphaned RPMs in Suse?

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    Default Package-cleanup/orphaned RPMs in Suse?

    Fedora (well, Yum, but Fedora uses Yum) have a useful little util called package-cleanup that looks at dependencies and tells you which RPMs aren't a dependency of any other RPMs. The idea is that you can find which RPMs are installed and don't need to be (because you no longer have the app you installed them for). So far I've not found anything similar in Suse/Yast.

    Is there a simple way to do an equivalent to "package-cleanup --leaves" in Suse to find unused library RPMs?

    Someone has asked a year and a bit ago, but they never seem to have got an answer (well, someone said "Yast can do it" but preceded it with "unfortunately", which implies a missing "'t" from "can").

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    Default Re: Package-cleanup/orphaned RPMs in Suse?


    funny, I just read the opensuse weekly news and found an article about this, rpmorphan - Find & delete orphaned packages in openSUSE | SUSE & openSUSE Maybe this is what you are searching for

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    Default Re: Package-cleanup/orphaned RPMs in Suse?

    That's great, thanks. As seems to be the case with Suse now that I've used it a while, it's also a bit friendlier than what's available for Fedora

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