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Thread: Problems with Lamp server

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    Default Problems with Lamp server

    Hi! Im using LAMP server on my Opensuse 11.1, have installed a forum and it works fine if i connect it on localhost. But i cant connect it from my IP on internet. Is it any config i have to do to make it work on internet?

    I used this guide to set it up!
    Linux Apache MySQL PHP Server (lamp - openSUSE)

    Sorry for my english

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    Default Re: Problems with Lamp server

    Hi correadde, welcome to the forums. I think you linked in the wrong guide. I get an empty page when I link to it.

    To get to your IP from the internet you must open the firewalls to allow external access:
    If you have a router protecting your Lan from the internet: Open port forwarding and forward port 80 to the internal IP address of your web server. If you have an additional (personal) SuSEfirewall2 on your web server, in Yast firewall settings enable http as an allowed service for the external zone. At that point you can address your web server by the external IP address of your broadband connection. If you want to connect by domain name, goto a provider like dyndns: - Services -- Free Dynamic DNS (DDNS) Service
    and get a name like and link it to your IP address from there.
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