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    Hi. I have got my system nice and smooth, used the built-in backup utility, and saved to /tmp.backup.tar.

    After doing this i thought i'd copy the backup files to another drive but i get the error- 'could not read /tmp/backup.tar'. Trying to save to DVD i'm told 'i cannot as i don't have permission to copy the files'

    3 questions arise....

    1. Why the system cannot read the files to copy to another drive (which i have read/write permission for).

    2. How can i gain access that would allow me to copy the files to DVD.

    3. Is it possible in the event of a system failure (if i cannot boot to desktop but can get to command line), access the files to initiate a recovery and what would the commands be?


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    Quote Originally Posted by caf4926 View Post
    IMHO cloning is not for nominal backups. Rather, in the example quoted, cloning was intended to completely replace an old drive, with a new drive.

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