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    Unhappy Monitor Out Of Range

    I just installed OpenSuse 11.0 (GNOME) and all went well.

    When I restarted my computer, my monitor turned blank and a message appeared: "Monitor working, check scan rate. Check Resolution".

    I have a DELL monitor (don't know the exact model) which supports 1280*1024 resolution and 70KHz refresh rate.

    Please help me out here with a step by step procedure...

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    Default Re: Monitor Out Of Range

    Actually, the screen Reads:

    Monitor is Working

    Out of Scan Range
    Check Settings

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    What kind of monitor is it? (CRT, LCD). Do you know what graphics card is in the computer? I had a similar problem with an HP 22" LCD running off an NVIDIA card. I had to grab my son's old CRT monitor and hook it up to see what was going on. I used that to install my NVIDIA drivers and set the screen resolution to a format my LCD could understand. Swapped monitors back and I was fine...

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    Its a CRT monitor.

    The graphics card is ATi RADEON 9250.

    I had ubuntu installed before this and it never messed up this big!

    I was switching only because my computer's obsolete by today's standards.

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    I had the same problem with my LCD monitor, and pressing the "autoset" button on the monitor cleared that up.

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    Wink Re: Monitor Out Of Range

    I on the other hand don't have an auto set button...

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    When grub pops up, did you try failsafe mode? This might get you to point where you can set up your graphics card, resolution etc.

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    Talking Re: Monitor Out Of Range

    I tried everything....

    Nothing seemed to work...


    I've reinstalled OpenSuse! and its working now!

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    Default Re: Monitor Out Of Range

    I did try different resolutions but that didn't work too!

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