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Thread: Language settings under KDE 4.2 / openSUSE 11.1

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    Default Language settings under KDE 4.2 / openSUSE 11.1

    Oh boy, I don't seem to be able to figure out how the language & local setting works under openSUSE 11.1 / KDE 4.2.

    Here is how I'd like to set it up:

    1. Locale: Japan (meaning Yen as currency; Tokyo time zone; comma to separate thousands; period as decimal symbol).
    2. Main (=primary?) language: English (US)
    3. Additional languages: Japanese, German, French, English (UK)

    Here is what I've done:

    Opened Yast2 > System > Language.
    Set 'Primary language' to English (US).
    Checked Japanese, German, French, English (UK) under 'Additional Languages'.

    Opened Personal Settings > Regions and Language.
    Set 'Country or Region' to Japan.
    Added languages English (UK), Japanese, German, French (in this order).


    1. Why can't I add English (US) as a language in Personal Settings > Regions and Language?

    (I checked under Yast: Funny thing, when I choose 'English (US)' as Primary Language, I can't add it as an additional language, and it hence doesn't appear in the Regions and Language > Add language menu ... )

    2. Why do I get KDE menues in Japanese despite the first language of the list being 'English (UK)'?

    3. HOW DO I GET THE SETUP I WANT (see above)?!

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    Default Re: Language settings under KDE 4.2 / openSUSE 11.1

    You get Japanese because that is the language associated with the locale.

    The KDE4 keyboard layout module restricts you to four languages (the recommended maximum is three). KDE3 allows you to install more. In fact, because I added KDE4 on top of KDE3, I still have five languages available. So, it is possible (I don't guarantee it), that if you disable the additional languages in KDE4 and install KDE3 to use its keyboard layout module, you may be able to get closer to what you want.

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    Default Re: Language settings under KDE 4.2 / openSUSE 11.1


    thanks for the reply. Both items sound like bugs to me, or at least things that could be improved on. I don't see a reason why locale should automatically include language (not to mention multilingual countries like Belgium etc.), nor why there should be a limit on the number of languages activated. I suppose I'll have to learn now how to file bug reports ...

    Hm, I'm also using KDE 4.2 on top of 3.5.10. Will take a look whether I can activate more languages, too.

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    Default Re: Language settings under KDE 4.2 / openSUSE 11.1

    Ok, so there is definitely a bug, and probably more than one.


    (1) In KDE3, the language associated with the locale/country chosen should be automatically added on top of the language list. This doesn't happen in KDE4.

    (2) Something is wrong with with the link between Yast2 and PersonalSettings.
    I've deleted all languages except English (US) and Japanese using Yast2 > System > Languages. Yet, the 'Add languages' menu in Personal Settings > Country & Language gives me 4 options (de, jp, fr, en-uk), but no en-us. This shouldn't be.

    (3) The PersonalSettings also don't work without problems. When I put Japanese, German, or French on top of the languages list, the menus switch to that particular language upon logging back in, no matter what the locale is (I've set it to 'Undefined (English)' now).
    However, when I move English-UK to the top, the language set previously remains in use.


    (1) Can anyone confirm this strange behavior?

    (2) Does anyone know what files store the settings for Yast2 > System > Language and for PersonalSettings > Region & Language?

    (3) Is there a way to use the command-line to set the language environment (in openSUSE 11.1, KDE 4.2)?



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