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Thread: Google Earth

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    Before I tell my story, let me clarify something.

    I have read all these posts, and some have commented about a library file located on OPT/GOOGLE-EARTH

    well, I have to tell you in my Opensuse 11.1 on an AMD64-bit cup there is not such a directory after installing google-earth.

    OK, now back to my story.
    after deleting/renaming the located on the installation directory of Google-earth, I finally could run it and all menus and links inside the program work as advertised.

    BUT, and here is the big BUT, after opening Google-earth all the open applications that I have on the desktop become HEADLESS.

    What I mean by headless is that the title-bar on top of all applications just disappear. as a result I can not move open windows around.

    And what it follows is that If I open another application with google-earth running or closed the new applications also become headless.

    after closing all the applications opened on the desktop, the status-bar still keep showing those applications as if they were running.

    So there you have it, another big issue with this as for me is not workable that way.

    any clue what is gong on? I was thinking that compiz has something to do with it.

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    > any clue what is gong on? I was thinking that compiz has something to
    > do with it.

    right...try turning off compiz/desktop affects and see if that solves
    the problem...if it does, see if there is already a bug report on the
    problem...if not, file one.

    have fun

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    Default Re: Google Earth

    Actually, the command for me was:


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    OK the problem obviously lies in libssl so I believe that "tricking" Google Earth to use a compat version of libssl is necessary. So, I feel that some previous posts were on the right track but due to some inconsistencies of updated user systems or previously installed software that resulted in everyone being on slightly different pages caused the deletion of the file from the google-earth directory to work for some but not others. It definitely did not work for me. So, here's an ugly hack that I used to get my install to work.
    I firstly installed compat-openssl097g and compat-openssl097g-32bit. If you do not know how to do that let me know.
    Secondly, I linked the newly installed compat file to the google-earth dir but as version 0.9.8. So, for example, google earth is installed the "Programs" dir in my home dir which is "/home/msounhein/Programs"
    so as root I initiated the following command

    ln -s /usr/lib/ /home/msounhein/Programs/google-earth/

    That tricked google earth to use and did not negatively alter my openSUSE installation. Hope that helps.

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    For those that don't know how to install compat-openssl097g, just type compat-openssl in the Yast search filter. It should be the only item that shows up.
    Sorry msounhein but I did that for those that couldn't/didn't want to wait. Hope you don't mind.
    I'm just a curious cat
    My 64 bit: CPU AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12 Core GPU MSI Radeon RX5600 XT
    Opensuse Tumbleweed Plasma 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by becibeci View Post
    rm -rf ~/.google-earth
    sudo mv /opt/google-earth/ /opt/google-earth/

    It should fix it
    That worked for me!! Now googleearth starts correct

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    Originally Posted by becibeci
    rm -rf ~/.google-earth
    sudo mv /opt/google-earth/ /opt/google-earth/

    It should fix it
    This works also fine for me!
    And is it normal that Google-Earth goes to with when zoom is very near?


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    I found this in the Google Earth Help Web

    The problem is that the dynamic linker is trying to bind 64-bit objects to
    satisfy a missing dependency of a 32-bit executable. The easiest workaround
    is to hide Earth's libcrypto (which depeneds on libssl) so the system's
    dynamic linker will use 32-bit versions of both.

    cd /where/your/earth/is (Typically /opt/google-earth)
    mv libcrypto.neutralized

    I did it and work for me by the way i got opensuse 11 32 bits
    good luck

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    First, make sure you have the ssl libs installed (most do).

    chmod a+x googleearthblala.bin
    Install as a regular user into your ~/bin for the executable links. (This is the default). (Why install in /opt?) I can understand if there is multiple users on the same machine though... But it should work either way, just use sudo when installing after making the .bin executable.

    Now delete the static file in the ~/GoogleEarth dir. (or /opt/GoogleEarth)

    Start Google Earth. It works. Period.

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    Angry Re: Google Earth

    It seems to me that the GoogleEarth.bin file works only for one specific distribution of Linux (Ubuntu?). I don't think that Linux will succeed in stealing marketplace from BIll Gates before programs can be installed in a more standard and user friendly way than now. The current thread is a symptom that something is very wrong now. Another example is the ongoing problems with Java browser plugins (64-bit in particular) and internet banking. Linux is fun if you like solving problems, but not if you like things to run out of the box.


    Nils Tovik

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