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Thread: no autorefresh kickoff

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    nemolinux NNTP User

    Default no autorefresh kickoff


    I have one problem. When I install software via yast or sth else, I need to re-login to see application in k-menu
    I use kde 4.2 opensuse 11.1 (installed by recent kde live-cd)
    I think that for some reason refresh is disabled, or doesn't?
    Thanks for answers

    p.s. with kde 4.2 rc I didn't have those problems

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    nemolinux NNTP User

    Lightbulb Re: no autorefresh kickoff

    I'm back is solved (for other distribution)
    to refresh without re-login, in konsole type kbuildsycoca4, press enter and you will have all new installed application in k-menu

    this is a bug, kubuntu and other already solve it, opensuse seems didn't yet

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