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Thread: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

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    Default Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    I have openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.2. When trying to install Amarok 2 through YaST I get a message about conflicts:
    kde4-amarok- requires kdebase4-runtime < 4.1.60, but this requirement cannot be provided
    As solution to the conflicts YaST offers to downgrade 83 packages to KDE 4.1.3.
    Is there a way to install Amarok 2 in KDE 4.2?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    You need to post the whole dependency info. You can save it to a file from the error box
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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    I have amarok running in kde 4.2 but had to install the version from factory to get it to work.

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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    This is the complete dependency info. Hope you understand it even in german.

    #### YaST2 conflicts list - generated 2009-02-19 04:28:59 ####
    kde4-amarok- bentigt kdebase4-runtime < 4.1.60, was aber nicht angeboten werden kann
    Nicht installierbare Anbieter: kdebase4-runtime-4.1.3-4.1.i586[repo-oss]
        [ ] kde4-amarok- nicht installieren
        [ ] Folgende Aktionen werden ausgefhrt:
    Downgrade von kdebase4-runtime-4.2.0-76.20.x86_64 zu kdebase4-runtime-4.1.3-4.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von PolicyKit-kde-0.2-20.48.x86_64 zu PolicyKit-kde-0.2-6.4.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-akregator-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kde4-akregator-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-ark-4.2.0-45.16.x86_64 zu kde4-ark-4.1.3-2.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-dolphin-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-dolphin-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-gwenview-4.2.0-71.12.x86_64 zu kde4-gwenview-4.1.3-4.6.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kaddressbook-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kde4-kaddressbook-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kcalc-4.2.0-45.16.x86_64 zu kde4-kcalc-4.1.3-2.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kcolorchooser-4.2.0-71.12.x86_64 zu kde4-kcolorchooser-4.1.3-4.6.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kdepasswd-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-kdepasswd-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kdialog-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-kdialog-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kdm-4.2.0-200.1.x86_64 zu kde4-kdm-4.1.3-10.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kdnssd-4.2.0-58.11.x86_64 zu kde4-kdnssd-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-keditbookmarks-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-keditbookmarks-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kfind-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-kfind-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kgamma-4.2.0-71.12.x86_64 zu kde4-kgamma-4.1.3-4.6.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kget-4.2.0-58.11.x86_64 zu kde4-kget-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kgpg-4.2.0-45.16.x86_64 zu kde4-kgpg-4.1.3-2.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kgreeter-plugins-4.2.0-200.1.x86_64 zu kde4-kgreeter-plugins-4.1.3-10.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kio_audiocd-4.2.0-41.26.x86_64 zu kde4-kio_audiocd-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kio_kamera-4.2.0-71.12.x86_64 zu kde4-kio_kamera-4.1.3-4.6.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.1.1-68.16.x86_64 zu kde4-kio_sysinfo-11.1-66.4.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kmahjongg-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu kde4-kmahjongg-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kmail-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kde4-kmail-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kmines-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu kde4-kmines-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kmix-4.2.0-41.26.x86_64 zu kde4-kmix-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-knotes-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kde4-knotes-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-konqueror-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-konqueror-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-konqueror-plugins-4.2.0-39.27.x86_64 zu kde4-konqueror-plugins-4.1.3-2.8.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-konsole-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-konsole-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kontact-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kde4-kontact-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kopete-4.2.0-58.11.x86_64 zu kde4-kopete-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-korganizer-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kde4-korganizer-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kpat-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu kde4-kpat-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-krdc-4.2.0-58.11.x86_64 zu kde4-krdc-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kreversi-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu kde4-kreversi-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-krfb-4.2.0-58.11.x86_64 zu kde4-krfb-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kscd-4.2.0-41.26.x86_64 zu kde4-kscd-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-ksnapshot-4.2.0-71.12.x86_64 zu kde4-ksnapshot-4.1.3-4.6.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-ksudoku-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu kde4-ksudoku-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kwalletmanager-4.2.0-45.16.x86_64 zu kde4-kwalletmanager-4.1.3-2.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kwin-4.2.0-200.1.x86_64 zu kde4-kwin-4.1.3-10.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-kwrite-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kde4-kwrite-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-okular-4.2.0-71.12.x86_64 zu kde4-okular-4.1.3-4.6.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-plasma-addons-4.2.0-55.9.x86_64 zu kde4-plasma-addons-4.1.3-5.16.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdeartwork4-screensaver-4.2.0-27.12.x86_64 zu kdeartwork4-screensaver-4.1.3-1.22.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdebase4-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kdebase4-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdebase4-workspace-4.2.0-200.1.x86_64 zu kdebase4-workspace-4.1.3-10.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdegames4-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu kdegames4-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdemultimedia4-4.2.0-41.26.x86_64 zu kdemultimedia4-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdenetwork4-filesharing-4.2.0-58.11.x86_64 zu kdenetwork4-filesharing-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdepim4-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kdepim4-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdepim4-wizards-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu kdepim4-wizards-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von krename-3.9.2-4.51.x86_64 zu krename-3.9.2-1.30.x86_64
    Downgrade von ktorrent-3.2-24.1.x86_64 zu installieren (mit Anbieterwechsel)
      openSUSE Build Service
    Deinstallation von plasmoid-flickr-0.4-3.13.x86_64
    Deinstallation von plasmoid-yasp-0.7.1-2.9.x86_64
    Deinstallation von plasmoid-yawp-0.1.65-3.30.x86_64
    Downgrade von skanlite-0.2.kde4.2.0-9.23.x86_64 zu skanlite-0.2-3.15.x86_64
    Downgrade von kde4-konqueror-plugins-lang-4.2.0-39.27.x86_64 zu kde4-konqueror-plugins-lang-4.1.3-2.8.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdebase4-nsplugin-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kdebase4-nsplugin-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdebase4-session-4.2.0-32.3.x86_64 zu kdebase4-session-4.1.3-2.2.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdebluetooth4-0.3-9.1.x86_64 zu kdebluetooth4-0.2-12.33.x86_64
    Downgrade von ktorrent-lang-3.2-24.1.x86_64 zu installieren (mit Anbieterwechsel)
      openSUSE Build Service
    Downgrade von kdebase4-libkonq-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu kdebase4-libkonq-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdepimlibs4-4.2.0-2.8.x86_64 zu kdepimlibs4-4.1.3-5.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von libkcddb4-4.2.0-41.26.x86_64 zu libkcddb4-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von libkcompactdisc4-4.2.0-41.26.x86_64 zu libkcompactdisc4-4.1.3-4.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von libkdegames4-4.2.0-41.20.x86_64 zu libkdegames4-4.1.3-3.9.x86_64
    Downgrade von libkdepim4-4.2.0-89.12.x86_64 zu libkdepim4-4.1.3-3.11.x86_64
    Downgrade von libkdepimlibs4-4.2.0-2.8.x86_64 zu libkdepimlibs4-4.1.3-5.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdegames4-carddecks-default-4.2.0-41.11.noarch zu kdegames4-carddecks-default-4.1.3-3.9.noarch
    Downgrade von libakonadi4-4.2.0-2.8.x86_64 zu libakonadi4-4.1.3-5.1.x86_64
    Downgrade von libkonq5-4.2.0-70.13.x86_64 zu libkonq5-4.1.3-3.5.x86_64
    Downgrade von kdegames4-carddecks-other-4.2.0-41.11.noarch zu kdegames4-carddecks-other-4.1.3-3.9.noarch
        [ ] Einige Abhngigkeiten von kde4-amarok ignorieren
    #### YaST2 conflicts list END ###

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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    Can you post output from terminal of:

    zypper lr
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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    There you go:
    # | Alias | Name | Aktiviert | Aktualisierung
    1 | Extra_Apps | Extra Apps | Ja | Ja
    2 | KDE:KDE4:Community | KDE:KDE4:Community | Ja | Ja
    3 | KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop | KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop | Ja | Ja
    4 | KDE:KDE4:STABLE:Desktop | KDE:KDE4:STABLE:Desktop | Nein | Ja
    5 | KDE:Qt | KDE:Qt | Nein | Ja
    6 | NVIDIA Repository | NVIDIA Repository | Nein | Ja
    7 | Packman | Packman | Ja | Ja
    8 | Videolan | Videolan | Nein | Ja
    9 | openSUSE 11.1-0 | openSUSE 11.1-0 | Nein | Nein
    10 | openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop | openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop | Ja | Ja
    11 | repo-debug | openSUSE-11.1-Debug | Nein | Ja
    12 | repo-non-oss | openSUSE-11.1-Non-Oss | Ja | Ja
    13 | repo-oss | openSUSE-11.1-Oss | Ja | Ja
    14 | repo-source | openSUSE-11.1-Source | Nein | Ja
    15 | repo-update | openSUSE-11.1-Update | Ja | Ja

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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    Struggling a little with all the German but can you remove all instances of kde4 and QT repos that you have and then add back these:

    Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1

    Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Community/openSUSE_11.1_KDE4_Factory_Desktop

    Index of /repositories/KDE:/Qt44/openSUSE_11.1

    You might want to make Nvidia set to Yes|Yes (not that it is related to this though)

    Now check and do update all so you don't have red or blue packages

    Now try amarok
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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    kde4-amarok- is a package from the repo-update repository. It is compiled against the KDE version from openSUSE 11.1: 4.1.3.
    kde4-amarok- is the same package, but compiled against KDE 4.2.

    If you want to install -2.1.1 you will need to install KDE 4.1.3. If you want to mantain KDE 4.2 just install amarok from the same repo... package version -20.55.

    You probably want to increase the priority of the KDE:KDE4:Factory:Desktop repository...

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    Default Re: Conflicts trying to install Amarok 2

    Thanks guys!

    Cleaning up the repos and then choosing the right version in YaST did the trick.

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