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Thread: root can't read /dev/sr0 (CD/DVD drive)?

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    Default root can't read /dev/sr0 (CD/DVD drive)?

    With 10.2 I used to "dd if=/dev/hdc of=abc.iso" to create .iso files from a disk, and "cmp /dev/hdc abc.iso" to verify media.

    With 11.1, the device seems to have changed to /dev/sr0
    Fine, but I can't read it now! I get "dd: reading `/dev/sr0': Input/output error" and "cmp: /dev/sr0: Input/output error" for the two commands.

    Can anyone explain and/or help me do this again?


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    Default Re: root can't read /dev/sr0 (CD/DVD drive)?

    How do you mean 'root'
    You don't need to be root and certainly should not be running as..

    Did you do this from your user account:

    YAST >> Security and Users >> User Management >> "select your user" >> Edit >> Details >> Groups >> check "cdrom" and "disk" and then click on "ACCEPT".
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    Default Re: root can't read /dev/sr0 (CD/DVD drive)?

    My diagnosis was wrong, but my statements mean what I said. I mean as root. UID 0. Running "su" and providing the root password.

    It turns out that the CD I was using was bad, had bad blocks. Things have worked so well in recent years it never crossed my mind that it could be a bad disk.

    As to whether I "should" be running as root or not, whether it is wise or not depends on my understanding of the system, confidence in my abilities, and willingness to accept the consequences of my own actions.

    And yes, the "disk" group did the trick too. Thank you for making me aware of the intended way to access the device!

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