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Thread: wish list for documentation for setting up RAID

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    Default wish list for documentation for setting up RAID

    I recently installed suse 10.3 on a server that has two scsi drives set up as a RAID1 array for the OS. While checking the system, I noticed that the mirrored drives if booted seperately, would only load the bootloader on sda and not on sdb. After a lot of searching on the web, I finally discovered that when you create a RAID1 array, the MBR only gets written to on sda, making sdb a non (easily) bootable device, if sda happened to fail. Being a total beginner, I had no idea this would occur, and would wish the setup documentation would do a better job of reflecting this problem, and it's solution. Other than that it's great, I even installed Suse on an old laptop at home (XP won't even run on it anymore, but Suse 11.0 runs perfect).

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    Default Re: wish list for documentation for setting up RAID

    Correction, make that a Software RAID 1 array.

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    Default Solution for making both drives bootable RAID1 array

    In case anyone is interested, here is the solution I found that worked for me.

    Sofware Raid and Grub HOW-TO

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