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Thread: Conflict Downloading Gimp

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    Default Conflict Downloading Gimp

    I was trying to download GIMP (GNOME) and after I clicked "install" I got the following conflict:

    "There is a conflict on the transaction that must be solved manually.
    *deinstallation of gimp branding-opensuse 11.1-1-18 noarch
    *do not install gimp-branding upstream 2.6-2.2"?

    Does this mean I have already downloaded gimp 11.1?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Default Re: Conflict Downloading Gimp

    You can safely choose the first solution, it just means that the OpenSUSE GIMP branding files are installed and not the GIMP ones.

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    Thanks my brother..youscary up close..

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