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Thread: Creative X-Fi Surround USB -- spdif - only front speakers

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    kmmeyer77 NNTP User

    Default Creative X-Fi Surround USB -- spdif - only front speakers

    I am running opensuse 11.1 and trying to use the SB1090
    (Creative X-Fi Surround USB sound "card"). I receive
    sound through the front speakers at boot and shutdown,
    the speaker test works for left and right front. The test
    on Yast never works. I have defined the card as generic
    and usb, the on bound sound (Nvidia) has been disabled.
    The only sound card is the USB, which is card zero, with
    USB and USB AUX. The alsamixer only shows a master volume
    and capture columns, the master is not muted and set to 81. The device on card 0 for iec958 is 0.

    When using VLC, if I change to A52/SPDIF, nothing is
    heard. If I remove the check in the audio set up, then
    the sound works, but only for the front speakers, and no
    indication on the receiver (Sony) of 5.1. The X-Fi and
    the receiver are connected by optical, with no speakers
    attached to the X-Fi at all.

    With aplay I can play a ac3 file with the plughw:0,0
    setting, but it still is just the front speakers. I
    looked all over the web and have found no solution.
    Suggestions are welcome. tia.


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    kmmeyer77 NNTP User

    Default Re: Creative X-Fi Surround USB -- spdif - only front speaker


    No one has any suggestions?


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