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Thread: KDE 4 wallpaper plugins?

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    Default KDE 4 wallpaper plugins?

    Are there any opensuse packages that provide any of the KDE 4 wallpaper plugins seen here: /playground/base/plasma/wallpapers/? Currently it looks like there is a Mandelbrot plugin and an Earth plugin, both of which I am really interested in, and a pattern plugin and qedje plugin, neither of which I am very familiar with. However I can't seem to find any packages that have these plugins, nor am I entirely sure the packages even exist. I can compile from source myself if I have to, but I wanted to check first to see if I am simply missing them or if they are going to be added soon.

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    Have a look in yast > software there are a few kde4 wallpapers

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    I think have them all installed, but none of them seem to provide any of these plugins. I only have the "Image", "Color", and "Slideshow" wallpaper types, I don't see any mandelbrot, marble, qedj, or pattern options.

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