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Thread: Installing OpenSuSe 11.1 without killing Ubuntu

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    Default Installing OpenSuSe 11.1 without killing Ubuntu


    I have Ubuntu 8.10 set up in my laptop computer. However, I want to install OpenSuSe 11.1 along with it.

    I thought I could easily handle the partitioning part of the installer, but I got confused. I get a red message that roughly says:

    Format /dev/sda1/ 71.53 Gb (linux native) to ext3

    Reading the installation walkthrough I noticed it said that as long as nothing was on red, everything would be fine. I just don't want to lose Ubuntu, not yet at any rate.

    I tried editing the partition set up and I get that I have roughly the following:

    /dev/sda/ Fujitsu 80 Gb hard drive
    /dev/sda1/ linux native ext3 71 Gb
    /dev/sda2/ extended 2.88 Gb
    /dev/sda5/ linux swap 2.88 Gb

    I'm guessing I should resize the sda1 linux native, but I don't know what would be appropriate in order have both OS's running well (with room to spare). Also, I'm not completely sure.. Anyone help please!


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    Default Re: Installing OpenSuSe 11.1 without killing Ubuntu

    This would do it
    Ubuntu: sda1 -- 20 Gb
    Suse root sda5 -- 10Gb
    Suse /home sda6 -- 10 Gb
    swap sda 7 -- 2 Gb
    spare approx 40 Gb -- you could make some of this a joint storage mounted in both Ubu and Suse.
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