I have what i believe is quite a unique problem. A few months ago i tried to install Fedora 10 to an external WD HDD. I installed to the external HDD because i have an internal HDD with Windows on it that i don't want to touch beyond having grub on the MBR. However it didn't work and somehow (may be unrelated) left me unable to boot (doesn't get past the screen where i press F2 to access BIOS)unless the before mentioned external WD HDD is not plugged in. I formated the external HDD with gparted and windows formatting tool. I fixed the MBR of the internal HDD with the windows install disk (fixmbr).

Now i find myself remembering Linux fondly (before i tried to install Fedora i had OpenGeu which is a ubuntu deriative) so i remembered back to the first linux i ever installed, OpenSUSE 10.3. It was so easy to configure and the graphics card driver worked easily (i never got it working in OpenGeu).

So i downloaded and burned myself a copy of the OpenSUSE 11.1 gnome live cd (I got free usage because of where i downloaded it from, otherwise i would of downloaded the install dvd.).

I put the disk in and boot into it successfully,go to the install, go through options till the partitioning stage. the following settings are what i chose

opensuse info
/ sdb2 29gb
swap sdb3 900mb
/home sdb4 5gb
SDB info
sdb1 is 218gb

On the next screen i chose to install the Grub to the MBR of the internal HDD. However when i rebooted to finish the installation, it grub didn't work because it needed to access files on the external HDD, which it couldn't because i hadn't finished loading because i had only just put it in.

so i went back and tried to install again. i said install grub to sdb2. I then tried to boot into linux using Super Grub Disk. However for whatever reason, it doesn't pick up any USB devices.

So i have a half finished installation of OpenSUSE taking up 36gb of my HDD. I would dearly like to use OpenSUSE again.

My computer specs
nvidia geforce fx 5200
2gb ddr ram
pentium 4 2.66ghz
ASROCK m266a motherboard
AMI megatrend bios, 2003 (i think)
80gb internal IDE WD HDD
250gb external USB WD HDD