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Thread: Switching sessions in a VM

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    Default Switching sessions in a VM

    Using Ctrl+Alt+Fx I can normally switch screens (seesions) on the host. How can I accomplish the same in a VM started with QEMU, using KVM and not using a graphic shell?

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    Humm, not sure how the VM affects it but without the graphical environment I find Alt+Fx will switch me between sessions. Even with the graphical environment loaded it's only to get off of the graphical F7 session that needs Ctrl+Alt+Fx. After that it's just Alt+Fx

    Or have I totally missed the point on this?

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    yu210148: Thanks, that was the solution, just using Alt+Fx instead of Ctrl+Alt+Fx. I tried the Ctrl+Alt+Shift combination also - using the -alt-grab switch - without result also.

    One thing need to be mentioned: using the '-usbdevice tablet' and just positioning it over the VM window does NOT work. You must click inside the VM window or else Alt+Fx is not seen/processed.

    Thanks, Frans.

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