Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well!

A little back story is in order...
Looking for a Open Source music composition editor similar to Sibelius.

I found and settled on Rosegarden.

Sound card is Creative Audigy 2 Platinum EX. I also have a midi keyboard which I would like to use with rosegarden.

After downloading rosegarden, I found out in order to use the MIDI sequencer, I have to compile and install a real time kernel.

I finally got my kernel configured and installed, recompiled all the video/Ethernet drivers etc (after about a dozen tries )

Now on to the issue...

As root, I can run the JACK audio server with realtime priority (as it is needed by Rosegarden) with the command

jackd -R -dalsa &

it starts up and seems to run.

Then as a regular user, I try to connect to the JACK audio server using the qjackctl application. Qjackctl loads, but cannot seem to connect to the jack server, giving me the message "UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER AS CLIENT"

HOWEVER, using the same procedure above as root, I can connect to the jack audio server with qjackctl.

Rosegarden will start as a regular user but will also not connect to the JACK audio server (therefore: no sound or midi sequencer)

Ive tried running Rosegarden as root (I didnt like having to do that), but get a similar error.

Through some googling, Ive found that JACK clients (qjackctl, rosegarden etc.) must be executed by the same user who launched the JACK server. -- no problem...Except I cannot run a realtime application as a regular user.

I read online that regular users can start realtime applications using the LSM module (whatever that is, I couldnt find all that much).

So my question is, how do I start the jack audio server in realtime mode as a regular user? if that is not possible...Is there a way to configure JACK so that it is started by root, but allows clients launched by regular users to connect?

Sorry for not including the exact error messages as right now I am at work.

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!