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    After the latest qt4 and kde 4 updates I'm getting a qt-subapplication titled bar above my top panel. If I close it it closes my panel.

    Is there a fix?

    opensuse 11 kde 4.1.96 release 78.1



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    JustinMartyr111 NNTP User

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    I had this same problem. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Compiz. I switch to Kwin and problem went away. so i went into compiz setting's to window decorations. in the text box option "decoration windows" put this "(any) & !(class=Plasma)".
    worked for me. hope this helps

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    kmb_mandriva NNTP User

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    Thanks for this solution! It is Compiz, this fixed the problem right away. Great hack.

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