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Thread: "Monochrome" display option in KDE & XFCE

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    Question "Monochrome" display option in KDE & XFCE

    Is there an option similar to "Monochrome" in gnome (Desktop Properties --> Font Preferences --> Font Rendering tab has 4 options, one of which is 'Monochrome'); for the KDE and XFCE Desktop environments ? Tried, (for KDE) but haven't been able to locate it.

    With the 'Monochrome' option selected for font rendering, I notice that there is less font 'bleeding' (i.e. the fonts are more evenly displayed).
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    Default Re: "Monochrome" display option in KDE & XFCE

    For KDE, you should be able to disable anti-aliasing. You'll find the option in the font settings under appearance in either system settings or kcontrol, depending upon which version of KDE you're using.

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