It is some time when Linux foundation announced video conest named I'm Linux ( The "I'm Linux" Video Contest | The Linux Foundation Video Site ). When I saw this, I realized this is very good opportunity to show people, what Linux really is, what is it's spirit.

I understood that this contest is not similar like artwork contest for KDE 4 themes and wallpapers. That was question of individual designers or artists. But if this should be successful, it must be business of more people from Linux community. So I decided to find some group of people interested in this contest, but I didn't found anyone. Then I said to myself something like OK, there is one option - to found one.

This project has two steps:
First - think out conception of this video and make a script for it.
Second - take a digital camera, some friends and some good place best with one-color background and record it.

Yes, second phase is for now purely theoretical. But that first is not a big problem. It just requires creative people, or even less. It just requires opinions, what Linux means to it's users. For example why Linux make him happier rather than using Windows or MacOS.

So I'd like to ask, what Linux means to you.

If you are more interested, want cooperate or criticize, let me know here, or to my email adringwan.at.gmail.com or icq 257-011-376. I'm looking forward to it.

(And If you don't understand something, I'm sorry - English is not my mother language, and i didn't learn it as much as I want)