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Thread: No Gamesound....

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    kstaack NNTP User

    Cool No Gamesound....

    I installed Torcs and Vdrift from Packman. But I have no sound.
    My system> suse 11.1 64-bit, KDE 4.1.
    Where is the switch to turn the sound on ? On all other applikation the sound is working well.
    Some ideas ??

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    Default Re: No Gamesound....

    Is sdl installed?

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    Default Re: No Gamesound....

    If you are using PulseAudion then there is a couple of ways why the audio doesn't working... If you have sound in other applications, play with your mixer settings (KMix) or with sound configuration in Personal Settings -> Sound. I can't say anything specific - sound is a bit problematic...
    Alternatively if you are using PulseAudio move to Alsa if nothing works.
    Good luck.

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    kstaack NNTP User

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    Thanks. SDL_sound was not installed. Klaus.

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