Hi There,

I am experiencing difficulty installing VMWare tools for an OpenSuse virtual machine which I created. I have the following packages installed on that vm image (which I believe are required to install tools): kernel-source, binutils, make, gcc and gcc-c++.

Now, I have been following the directions on this page - Setting up SUSE Linux as a VMware Guest - openSUSE
There is a line on that page which says - 3. Do not use the RPM package to install VMware tools, the package contains dependencies to kernel modules which will overwrite your currently installed kernel.
Unfortunately, I got a bit ahead of myself, read that too late and made the mistake of using that package.
I think this has made some kind of change to my currently installed module, because, when I proceeded with the rest of the instructions, it did not work. When I entered . vmware-install.pl at the shell, I got the following error:
linux-mg0y:/tmp/VMwareTools/vmware-tools-distrib # . vmware-install.pl
-bash: use: command not found
-bash: use: command not found
-bash: my: command not found
-bash: my: command not found
-bash: vmware-install.pl: line 20: syntax error near unexpected token `('
-bash: vmware-install.pl: line 20: `my @cKernelModules = qw(vmblock vmdesched vmhgfs vmmemctl vmxnet vmci vmmon vmnet);'
From here, I am seeking assistance.