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Thread: Error while creating client module sw_single

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    Red face Error while creating client module sw_single

    Hey guys,

    I am using suse 11.0 .Two days back I installed some packages(donno names exactly) and rebooted my system.Afterwards when I open Yast->Software Management, its saying

    "Error while creating client module sw_single"

    What to do??I donno whether installation of packages had been done properly or not which might have resulted in broken packages or some what similar..plz help me

    Thanks in Advance...

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    clemensv NNTP User

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    Hey there,
    I ran into the same problem and I don't know if my solution will work for you. Yast was giving me the same error message. I tried every solution I could find until I tried removing yast completely from my system with the intention of reinstalling it.

    #zypper rm yast*

    When I tried reinstalling yast I came accross a curius situation, the system complained about stale nfs handles in /usr/lib/YaSt2/plugins which turned out to be ... I don't know why this happened, maybe one of you has seen this before...

    Anyway removing the directory (/usr/lib/YaSt2) and reinstalling yast (#zypper in yast2) and the yast2-qt as well as yast2-ncurses modules resolved all my problems.

    Hope this helps.

    Clemens Volk

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    atrofimov NNTP User

    Default Re: Error while creating client module sw_single

    Thanks for the post, I've had a similar problem, removed yast* using zypper but had to install more than just ncurses and qt modules for it to actually be useful. Watch the list of modules that get uninstalled as you go.

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