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Thread: Problems customizing user image @ login screen

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    Default Problems customizing user image @ login screen

    I just upgraded to openSUSE 11.1 from 11.0.

    Before, I used to customize my user picture at the login screen by going into Personal Settings > System Administration > Login Manager > Users tab > User images. I did the same again after my update, but now I don't get a user image at the logon screen.

    Is there a different setting responsible for the user images now in openSUSE 11.1? What do I have to do?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Problems customizing user image @ login screen

    I suspect that although I'm running KDE 3.5.10, the openSUSE 11.1 login screen is managed by some kind of KDE 4 application.

    Can anyone tell me what application is responsible for setting user images under KDE 4?



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    Default Re: Problems customizing user image @ login screen

    Under the main Applications tab of the KDE4 menu, go to 'Configure Settings' (scroll down to the bottom entries of that menu). Click on the 'Advanced' tab at the top and you'll then see the Login Manager. It's just like the one in KDE3.

    I noticed after upgrading to 11.1 that my regular user icons that had been present since 9.2 had disappeared on the login screen, though that was principally because KDM4 had now replaced KDM3 by default. If you still have the relevant .face.icon hidden files in each home directory, you can simply change the setting under 'User Image Source' to User (or User, System) which will search for these icons by default, rather than having to specify where each one is again.

    Edit: the Configure Settings option also appears on the KDE3 menu - you don't have to launch KDE4 to get to it.

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    Default Re: Problems customizing user image @ login screen

    Well, I finally installed KDE 4.2 on my system, along with KDE 3.5.10, and now I'm able to edit the user picture on login screen. Funny thing ...

    (Obviously, there must be a way to edit the picture under 3.5.10 as well, but I still don't know which application to use for it without having to install KDE 4.)

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