I tried the FTP servers in open suse 11.1, and I didn't like them, I am alittle fast at if it doesn't go as I want it (uninstall).
What I want for my FTP server is both anonymous and account log in, windows browser support, encryption for the account log ins, easy interfase and as few problems as possible.

I am very new to Linux. And want to get away from windows.
I have looked at FTP on windows, don't know if its my router or something, but many FTP servers have failed me in just be simple and connect, result that I just uninstall them and go for the next one. I found EFTP (encrypted-FTP) that I like for windows, well it is one of the few FTPs I got working, I like the easy account, groups and directory setup. I don't like the no browser support.

I would like to get to Linux with this computer I have, my first wall I meet is this FTP. Can you help me with finding and setup the FTP server fitting my needs?