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Thread: Fluxbox problem

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    I saw that Fluxbox needs about 90MB ram and XFCE needs 120MB of Ram so i can usually take XFCE, too, because there i don't have to config so much there is all i need.
    I am searching for linux on an 256MB RAM and 1,6GHZ PC.
    Actually on this Opensuse 11.1 with XFCE should work pretty good or?
    The PC shall be used mainly for Internet (firefox about 40MB RAM) and thunderbird for mails. And sometimes I will use openoffice or something like this.
    What do you think?
    will that work better than now with xp home?
    now it is bad stability it often hangs
    i think that is because there is used a antivirus program too but that i could spare in linux and so i would have a better performance
    only the installation of opensuse maybe will be a problem because i tried it in vbox with ab 256mb ram pc and it says that 1gb ram is needed or it will maybe not start.

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    (6) $ ls .fluxbox
    apps fbrun_history init lastwallpaper menu.bak overlay startup windowmenu
    backgrounds icons keys menu menuconfig pixmaps styles
    that i don't understand can you explain me better how i can make icons etc.?

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