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Thread: Banshee / iPod question

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    Question Banshee / iPod question

    When I initially sync my iPod to Banshee, everything comes over great including cover art. any subsequent syncs after that, and I lose my cover art on the iPod. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?

    right now, I have to open gtkPod, wipe out my iPod, and then sync with Banshee to get everything.


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    does anyone else experience this?

    Is there a better product to work with the iPod, maybe Amarok?

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    Have a try with Songbird, I heard it has great Ipod support (using an add-on)

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    Hi - which version of banshee?

    11.0 Comes with (now) quite an old version
    11.1 Comes with 1.4 which I know has some updates to it.

    Amarok is very nice - worth a look, but I have to confess I run a WinXP VM in Virtualbox to use itunes to keep my pod in sync. It slow but it works.


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