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Thread: Kompozer - openSUSE 11.1

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    Default Kompozer - openSUSE 11.1

    Hi all,
    i have a trouble. For example, when I choose menu: table -> insert, Kompozer falls and console write this message:

    djs_core@djscoreNB:~> kompozer
    /usr/lib/kompozer/ line 159: 4024 Neoprvněn přstup do paměti (SIGSEGV) "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

    In openSUSE 11.0 this problem was not. I tryied package from repositories and binary file from Kompozer homepage. I tested it on two computer... you want to make your dreams come true? Wake up!

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    Same happens on my machine. I've been using Kompozer for a long time, but an rpm I obtained from elsewhere. With 11.1 I actually downgraded because it was contained on the DVD (though the version numbers were almost exactly the same so I didn't think it would matter; in fact I thought it would be wiser), and it seems to crash quite a lot now for various random reasons.

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    Smile Re: Kompozer - openSUSE 11.1

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if someone had found a solution for this problem. I am new to Linux and after a very smooth installation (good job openSUSE guys!) I just found this issue!

    In my case it happens with Kompozer when trying to use any menu option. Some times it does when scrolling the menu options.

    I did a quick search on Internet and it seems that people with Ubuntu 8.10 have the same problem, ruling out the most obvious user error.

    Any help will be very much appreciated... as usual !!

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    It's a known problem. I've been reading a lot about Kompozer in recent days. See this thread:

    Geckozone :: Voir le sujet - Portage de KompoZer sous Gecko 1.8.1
    (it's all in French but you can probably use an online translator if need be)

    The version included in SUSE and the last Ubuntu is pretty much untouched from the last major Kompozer update a long time ago, and as such is suffering from some kind of bit-rot or incompatibility with latest Mozilla and other libraries. As a consequence, the only developer of Kompozer, Kaze, who had practically abandoned the project, has now been pressured by some distros to update the software.

    He's working on porting it over to a more recent Gecko base ( I think, in line with Firefox, and has introduced many amazing new features in preparation for rolling out a long-awaited Kompozer 0.8.

    These include a new round-trip linked wysiwyg and source view (using different technology to the current rather inferior source edit), DOM tree panel and many other improvements. If he irons out all the bugs and stability issues, Linux is finally going to have a truly polished all-round web editor for both newbies and advanced users, in addition to the forthcoming Blue Griffon software being created by the original Nvu developer.

    So good news ahead, but for the meantime if you need wysiwyg editing you may have to either use a different program or an older distro version with Kompozer 0.7.x.

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    Default Re: Kompozer - openSUSE 11.1

    Have you tried NVU from the education repo

    or considered bluefish?
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    Default Re: Kompozer - openSUSE 11.1


    NVU has the same problem as Komposer :-(.
    Only SeaMonkey is working (Window/Composer) the ancestor of Nvu and Komposer.



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