I have WinXP running in VMplayer 2.5.1 on openSuSE. Upgrading to openSuSE 11.1 has stopped my PDA talking to the WinXP guest OS when it worked perfectly under 11.0. My USB memory stick has also stopped working.

When I connect the PDA (Dell Axim X51 running WinCE) or memory stick WinXP beeps for a USB device connected, but ActiveSync can't find the PDA and the disk doesn't appear to be mounted. The device manager reports that the driver encountered an error.

As this is the identical VM that was running and working under 11.0 I don't think the problem lies with the WinXP guest OS.

Running VMplayer from the console reports no errors. Both lspci on the host openSUSE and guest WinXP report the devices correctly.

Anyone got any hints please?