I have started to use OpenSUSE after experimenting with lots of other distros, and as a beginner have found all of my questions in other forums. However I cannot find anything specific enough (or that works for a couple of questions.

I installed 11.1 Gnome and played around with it but a few things kept cropping up, so I thought I would try the 11.1 KDE. I would like to stick with the KDE version but I am having a few problems. i would be grateful of any advice for the following:

1: I am running a NVidia GeForce 6100 Graphics card. Using gnome I installed the 2 drivers from the Nvidia repro as recommended (GFX G02 option as this worked under Gnome). When I reboot all the titlebars are missing, my keyboard only works in certain software, and the wifi dissapears completely. I have tried the options 'default' and 'GFX G01' and this only logs in as root without any graphical interface.

2: Amarok - I wanted to use version 2.0 but it does not recognise any of my music files (formerly from iTunes). Version 1.5 seems to recognise and play them all. the only thing it does pick up (and play) are the BBC podcasts.

3: Being new to Linux I am unsure of how it works in comparison to Vista. Does linux have Internet security type suites built in or do I need to install extra software like I would in Windows.