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Thread: ksnapshot problems + import produces black image

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    Default ksnapshot problems + import produces black image


    I have recently installed 11.1. KDE is more functional than in 11.0 (which was simply unusable).

    ksnapshot, when selection mode is 'Region', does not hide itself, which is quite annoying, since in the selection state I can not manipulate the windows.

    Also, I am missing the 'Print' button (according to the handbook, I should press this button, if I want to print the screenshot)

    I had a very nicely working little script, which used 'import' to grab a screen image, and print it (scaled up to the pagesize, autorotated, etc). Unfortunately, 'import' produces a black image in SuSE 11.1 (for example: import screenshot.jpg)

    Any idea, why, and when there problems would be fixed?

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    Default Re: ksnapshot problems + import produces black image

    hmmm, strange. without having changed anything, the window now hides itself even in the 'Region' selection mode.
    But I am still missing the 'Print' button. I need to go to 'Open with', then type kprinter, and then I can print.

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