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Thread: SDLMAME?

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    Question SDLMAME?

    I have installed sdlmame on opensuse 11.1, but I can't find where the roms go, or even the ini file?

    Does anyone know where the ini file is?

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    If you want to see where the files of any package went, this is the command, in your case:

    rpm -ql sdlmame

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    I installed SDLMAME today but to make it work gave the following commands:

    sdlmame -createconfig

    that crate a mame.ini and then you change the path of roms like that:

    rompath /media/disk2/mame_0.95/mame_0.95/roms

    and then you gave the command:

    sdlmame -showconfig | less

    and you ensure the path of the roms is well and ...


    and evething OK ....

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