oldcpu wrote:
> I suspect a bad version of an app "snuck" into you updates. Are you
> using repositories to install via zypper/yast? or are you using the 1
> click install. I do not recommend the 1 click for multiimedia updates,
> as it could drag in apps from Novell-SuSE-GmbH or from videolan.
> Try working your way thru this: 'Check your multimedia problem in ten
> steps - openSUSE Forums' (http://tinyurl.com/5v29xs)

Completed this and found/resolved quite a few missing dependencies.
When I checked back through, I found I needed to repeat step 1. Amarok
now loading and playing mp3 as well as ogg. Many thanks.

During this testing and updating, I twice had YouTube sound working. In
each case it did not survive rebooting.