I ran Opensuse 10.3/11 KDE3 on my HP laptop, and recently went back to Ubuntu 8.10. Opensuse runs better on this laptop than any distro ever has hands down. I just got my Opensuse 11.1 DVD in the mail. It is going to replace Ubuntu. I just can't decide between the comfortable KDE3 or KDE4. I've played around with the 11.1 KDE4 live CD, and the only thing missing for me is something to control CPU policy. With KDE3, there was kpowersave. I could set both CPU's to full speed. The only applet I could find in KDE4 was the battery monitor applet. I tried to set it to performance, but the CPU's still showed 800(capable of 2000). I'm I just misunderstanding something, or is there anternative to kpowersave?