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    I tried banshee, but it is not showing the songs on my iPod. Is there any special codecs I need to install? Or is there a better program to use?

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    Any ideas? Anyone!

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    You are probably using Gnome. If not then try out Amarok Device manager (not available yet in 2.0, use 1.4 instead). I'm using Floola about 1 years... It is available from Packman repository: Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE.
    How-to add repositories:
    Good luck.

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    I have always been a big fan on 'ephpod' -> I believe it's for windoze only, so you may have to run it in wine... but it beats using itunes!

    I've yet to go down that route in linux just yet, let us know what you've tried and come up with.
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    K, I resolved it...

    I had to let banshee rebuild the iPod database. Didn't lose any music, and it works great.

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