Has this stuff been tested? Anyone got it working?

- Plugged a USB with EXT3 (/dev/sdb).
- Ran "partitioner".
- Removed existing EXT3 partition.
- Started to create new EXT3 encrypted partition.
- Doc (111 ref) says, check "fstab" option not to mount at bootup. Actually, this option is greyed out in the "fstab" dialog ...
- Went ahead anyway without that.
- After formatting, new parition appeared as /dev/sdc but dm mapping appeared for /dev/sdb ...
- Which are you supposed to mount - the dm mapping or the actual hd entry (both appear to have fstab options).

Unplugging/replugging, nothing happens. No mounts, no prompts.

Is there a step by step, accurate guide, for creating a hot-plugging fully encrypted USB drive. In my case, I'm not so concerned about the PC itself, more so for the security of the backups.

[ Not looking for alternatives like TC or using encrypted zips (weak), etc. Looking to make this work as it is supposed to. ]

Seems to be quite a few users on various forums having issues with this.