I moved some days ago to OpenSuSE 11.1, and tried for the first time KDE4. Many issues not working but one of the most annoying is KMail.

1) About 40% of the booting times, Kwallet is not requested by Kmail. Other times, Kwallet is opened before Kontact and Kmail works well.

2) The email account settings are being deleted randomly. First were the SMTP settings, all gone. Then the pop3. Then some of the pop3 settings. I am constantly writing them back, and it works fine a couple of rebootings.

Now, among my 8 accounts, again some of them lost, having only three left (receive or pop3 account settings). Even with a back-up file of KmailRC, it does not work. Neither by editing KmailRC, and directly adding the accounts back to the list, the file gets with some of them deleted randomly after some time.

Does somebody have seen this behavior of Kmail before? Any idea on how to solve it?
Thanks a lot!