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Thread: writing a dvd with K3b

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    Default writing a dvd with K3b

    How do you write a RAW DVD ISO images. Although I have bought Novell Suse 10.0, 10.1 and 11.0 I have never had it running on my systems, and I would like to have it running

    I downloaded the 32bit cd version and have that running now, I would like the 64 bit version up and running.

    I have downloaded OpenSuse 11.1 dvd version and OpenSuse 11.1 education RC1, now I am having problems writing the dvd image to disks with K3b

    I have loaded K3b gone to the file I want to write, it comes up with this file is a ISO Image write direct to disk I click ok it reads the M5 data then the start button is still grayed out and I cant get it to start writing the image

    I need step by step instructions I am a point and click windows user, if i cant do it with the mouse then Suse is no good to me

    please e-mail me at thank you

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    Default Re: writing a dvd with K3b

    To burn an ISO image you need to go via the Tools --> Burn ISO image option (don't' worry if it refers to CD ISO image rather than DVD ISO image, this won't matter).

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    Default Re: writing a dvd with K3b


    To write the ISO, or image file, simply left ckick on the file. K3b will come up, recognise the ISO image and offer to write it for you. As it is preparing to write, it will do a checksum on the file and pause when it is done. At that time, you can open the checksum file, by clicking on it, and compare the two numbers. If they match, just tell K3b to proceed. If they don't match, close K3b, delete the image file and download it again.

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