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    Question VLC player

    Hi all,

    I'm totaly new to linux and someone told me that opensuse is an easy install/usable linux.
    The installation went marvelous, no problems at all.
    Then i wanted to play a dvd movie and the problem started, it won't play. I searched a bit and found vlc player, installed it without a problem and then searched about 2 hours to launch it but it doesn't want to play my dvd either. I can play avi and divx files, but no normal dvd.
    Can anyone help me to play a normal movie dvd please.

    what do i do?
    i open vlc player, click on Media, then schijf openen (ctrl + D)then play
    and then it says couldn't open /dev/sr0 check log for detail....
    don't know where i can find that log though


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    thanks, i'll look into it


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