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Thread: ATI Repo

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    Strange indeed, I was expecting the same release schedule as
    Foresthill, but yesterday I added the repo and installed from
    that, not one single problem, except for 3D perfomance, which
    is still about half that of 11.0, but video and Google Earth is
    working to my satisfaction. I'm on 32 bit, ASUS M2A-VM-HDMI
    with integrated XPRESS 1250. About the perfomance,I can get
    about 50% better 3D perfomance with radeonhd in FreeBSD 7.1,
    not exactly what I'm used to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foresthill View Post
    I would expect a new driver any day now, on the ATI site anyway. They have been on a 30-35 day release cycle for years now. They may have gotten a little behind due to the holidays though. And also, the driver may take a few days until it shows up in the repos, but any day now is my guess.
    It's there now

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