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Thread: IPSec VPN Client issues

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    stevewdj NNTP User

    Default IPSec VPN Client issues

    I upgraded yesterday from 11.0 to 11.1 and now I can get any vpn client to work. I mostly have been working with the "VPN Client for Linux".

    1) In the 11.1 dis. the novell-nortellplugins.rpm is missing. It is in the 11.0

    2) After I installed the one from 11.0 I was able to get the configuration screens in the VPN client

    The issue is that it always tells me that IKE is not running. But I know that it is because if I enter racoond status it states it is running. I have also restarted it and receive the same message.

    When I look in the /var/log/messages I see the following:
    racoon: WARNING: /etc/racoon/racoon.conf:137: "}" b=0, dh_group=1

    Yet, when I look at my other machine that is still running 11.0 I do not have that entry. I have compared the racoon.conf files and they are similar.

    Any suggestions?


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    stevewdj NNTP User

    Default Re: IPSec VPN Client issues

    Just a quick update... The exact error is:

    Failed to connect to IKE. Restart IKE.


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