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Thread: banshee is not totem

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    Default banshee is not totem

    Hi everybody...

    I always was a KDE user.. but now with 11.1.. I am trying Gnome. Till now everything ok.. but just one thing is annoying.. banshee keep doing open all my videos... i don't need this. I have totem and want that totem open my videos files. I already set up totem in the "preferred applications" .. but nothing changes.

    any tip ?


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    Default Re: banshee is not totem

    Right click on the video and choose properties. There will be an open with tab. Choose totem there.

    That will set totem to be the default action for all videos of that same type.

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    Default Re: banshee is not totem

    Thank you very much.
    Fixed my problem.

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