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    Talking Threads marked as solved

    Hi, I'm a former Ubuntu forums user as of 18/12/08. What I'd like to suggest is that when posts have been answered and the problem has been fixed by the original poster then they should mark the thread as solved.

    I couldn't see whether this was in place on the forums.
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    > What I'd like to suggest

    Welcome to openSUSE!

    But, I'd like to suggest you search the forum database via the
    advanced search page <> to find
    out how many times your suggestion has been made in this forum, and
    read the answers it received. Then decide if you should suggest it,

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    I agree it would be ideal if posters or staff would mark their threads as SOLVED when they are. It's been proposed and considered before. There are two issues keeping it from happening right now:

    1 - Forum staff aren't involved in all the threads so even if staff did adapt a policy of marking threads this way, it wouldn't be all encompasing

    1a - Forum staff are busy doing what they do already and aren't looking for another task to take time away from what they do here already

    2 - There's no way to enforce a policy of marking threads like this on the community members.

    Just my $0.02
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